My Artist Statement:

“My visual vocabulary is not the same as yours as I see the world around me thru the lens of my camera.

As literature is expressed with a written word, art is expressed with a visual expression. The images I take with my camera tell a story of what I find visually appealing. Daily, I see things that trigger the “Wow” reflex. I am unable to capture them all, but some I try.

Sometimes I am merely documenting a scene. On other occasions, I’m attempting to convey the feeling or emotion that scene before me evokes. The subject may provide visual detail and accuracy. The subject may be a composition, a pattern of light and dark, shape and form, color and contrast that intrigue me. I may explore those visual components without regard to the accuracy of the initial subject. As my skill and visual vocabulary improve I do more imagined subjects and scenes. 

You may not visually understand the colors in some of the images. It may challenge your reality. You may scoff and turn away, you may laugh at it, or you may laugh with it. For me doing art is serious, but the art I do has a wink and grin in it.”


Kel Johnson