Foodelia International Food Photography Award

Foodelia Awards
Twenty-First Collection Winner
Phoenix (United States)

A couple of months ago I won an award for the above image. I took this photograph back in May 2015.  I never excepted to win and was shocked when I did.

This image has a very special place in my heart as it was one of the very first shots I took when I found my calling as a food photographer. I was helping a friend of mine, who happen to be a chef, plate a 11 course dinner at a client’s home. He asked to bring my camera along so we could get some shots of the plated items for his portfolio. I guess it was because I was the only one who had a “professional” style camera in the group. I did not know much about photographing food at the time and took several photos though out the evening and my love for food photography began.

It said that food is one of the hardest things to photograph and it especially true when you have no idea what you are actually doing. But as the evening progressed, the shrimp was asking to be shot, hence this image and a my new passion emerged that night.

Taken with a Sony A 200 with a DT 18-70mm kit lens and no flash. 1/30 sec, f/5.6, iso 400, 35mm focal length.

You can see more of my portfolio here.

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