Weddings By Kelcie 

 You have secured your venue and are collaborating with your planner. Your decor, dress, flowers, and cake all look perfect on the day of, but it’s the skillful shooting and the fly-on-the-wall discretion that will shape your memories of the day as you look back on your event’s styling and spontaneous moments. And you want a photographer that can do that with ease.

Kelcie strives to create and capture visual imagery full of raw emotion and intimacy. Her point of view is part technique, part creative style–while being open to the unknown. The in-between moments, like a bride getting ready with her bridesmaids, phoning her to-be husband to tell him she loves him and the one last kiss before a father sends his daughter to the altar are all the essence of what makes weddings so powerful. For her, she sees these moments as opportunities to witness, enhance and capture forever Her work is a combination of film and digital.  She uses a variety of cameras so that she can shoot fluidly.

“I am very good with people and I am intrigued by family relationships. I’ve never put my photography before people. I don’t describe the weddings of my clients’ as the projection of my own idea of a wedding on to their day, but I try every time to emphasize what’s important for them and their personalities. My portfolio is very diverse and that versatility is what my clients like the most. They feel they are not classified by my style and they can be themselves 100%. I am a film and natural light photographer with a background in fine art. This in large part influences the look and feel of my images.”

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